Stainless Steel Bathtub - Electrical Frame

The arm on the top is equipped with 2 sliding rings which enable you to keep the animal in place while washing. A complete plumbing system is installed into the side panel :

  • a single-unit faucet with male connectors 15/21
  • a shower head with a base unit and 1.60m hose
  • soap or shampoo holder

A fixed connector enables you to attach a water-blower (to be installed on the outside of the bath) to a hose (option A1831) in order to dry directly in the bathtub. The U-bend (Ø 45mm) on the right-hand side of the bath is equipped with a strainer which catches the hair and does not obstruct the pipeline. It is recommended that you unscrew slightly the thumbscrews on the left-hand side so that the bathtub is on a slight slope. Evacuation at 16cm from the ground. A 4-part foot mat prevents slipping and lets the animal drip dry easily.

The X-shaped frame, with a very low voltage electric motor controlled by a waterproof remote control (located on the left-hand side of the bathtub) can be adjusted between 35 and 70 cm, which gives easy access to the bathtub and ensures an ideal working height. The side sliding door makes it easier for the animals to get into the bathtub when it is in low position.

Fine Mesh Floor Mat

Non-slip. Available in 3 colours

Soft Step Floor Mat


Spare Hose

Extensible from 1,10m to 2,10m